Dating – When Delilah Came Calling


Dating can be one of the best or worst things that have ever happened to you. It depends on the way you see it, since you have experienced the whole romantic scene. It is not a sure win for all of us. Some see it as one of the worst things that have ever happened to them. It could come up as one of those things that bring your past crackling open before your eyes. You might be baffled by the unfolding of things that are beyond your help.

Things might turn really ugly or really interesting and it doesn’t necessarily have to be good. Interesting has nothing to do with anything being better. It all depends on the way you see things. Nonetheless, Delilah might appear calling from nowhere and if you are not aware, she might turn up on your door. Misery and self-pity might inhabit the better part of her face, rekindling all the memories you have ever had in your dating instances. Delilah has nothing to do with Samson, or the annihilation of the philistines, or even the fate of the powerful man of the bible on her hands.

Delilah this time round has a new meaning. She represents that woman you had your best time with, but just left on her own accord. She must have stated that living and dating someone like you is turning to be one of the worst nightmares she has ever had. You might not believe it, but she could be standing at the top of your stairs staring into your face, trying to decipher how to say it to you. Her face could be speaking a lot telling you more than her words could say. Delilahs are wonderful in whatever they do and you have no control of what they will do next. Playing with your emotions is what they do best.

She had left not because there was someone else but because of your attitude and way of life. Her face conjures all that beauty you had enjoyed during your dating days. While her smile seemed to make your heart run like Samson to her arms, crying out loud about her wholesome endearment. Her profile befits her way of life.

Her lips, refined features and bosom, could be a reawakening inside the better side of your anatomy. Before you could welcome her, you are on top of your bed as you fall again into her illicit snare. The union of your illicit intimacy seems to amaze you beyond wonder. It is when you look at her that you realize how powerless you are in her presence. Somewhere within the schemes of night, you realize that what she gave you might never be found anywhere else. You are at a loss because in her hands you have no control. You also lack control in other issues such as in the height of intercourse or dating instances. You might not need her, but you cannot say no to her. Such is her power.

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