3 Essential Flirting Techniques Men Should Know


These 3 vital flirting techniques men should know for dating success. Maybe corny pickup lines worked in the past but all men should know these 3 basic flirting techniques for dating. There are more intelligent ways to attract a woman than “Hey, I lost my phone number. Can you give me yours?”

Majority of man need to learn some basic flirting techniques in order to charm a woman. There is a big difference between displaying romantic interest and displaying your basic instincts. A game of enticing a woman is much more stimulating that a game of getting a woman to bed.

The 3 flirting techniques men should know:

Self-sustainability – is one of the best qualities to bring forward when flirting with women. Women like interesting men. No one needs help to be bored. If you come across as a person who can always have fun even on your own, you are more attractive than that guy who is looking for a girl to entertain him. This does not mean you have to act self-satisfied when dating. You just have to flirt with confidence. Also, starting out as desperate for attention or needy will get you a woman who will rule your world and not in the good sense.
Smile and do it like you mean it. Looking worried or sad when dating might help you out of getting a speeding ticket, but having relaxed facial expression and a pleasant smile is one of the flirting techniques you need to know about. A genuine smile indicates a friendly personality, and a friendly personality is a likable personality. Smiling does not cost anything but the results are priceless for dating.
Eye contact should be avoided only if there is a vicious dog in front of you. If you are trying to master flirting techniques, eye contact is essential. Eye contact is one of the most important ways to create emotional connection. The longer the eye contact, the greater intimacy is developed between you and the woman. As you maintain the eye contact, watch her pupils, they will enlarge if she is happy to hear whatever you re saying.

These are the vital flirting techniques that will lead to successful singles dating. However, the most important flirting technique to remember is never try to be who you are not. Being yourself, friendly and relaxed, will attract more women then trying to simulate some other guys that you think are cooler than you. If a woman cant like you for who you are, why would you want to be with a woman like that in the first place?

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