How To Have The Most Fun Dating Foreigners


Whether studying abroad, working overseas, taking a vacation, or backpacking through Europe, young, single women will likely fall in love with the culture, cuisine, and cute guys. So what’s the best way to date European men, regardless of whether you’re in a city for a few days, weeks, or months? Katherine Chloé Cahoon reveals the do’s and don’ts of overseas dating in her new book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men:

Here are several tips shared by Katherine:

1. If you’re a visitor on unfamiliar turf and have just been asked out on a delightful-sounding date, be cautious until you get to know and trust your new companion. For the first date, it is smart to meet a man in a public place or plan a double date with a friend you have faith in. By taking these precautions, you’re also paving the way to having your hottie pour on the princess treatment in order to convince you that he is an upstanding guy.


2. Don’t give up. No matter how much glam you have going for you or how high your charm-meter registers there will always be certain bozos that pass you by. Some might even be rude in the process. All nationalities have chaps with chips on their shoulders. Don’t be discouraged. Forget about those no-goes.  Move on. The next one could be a winner.


3. Once you have the essentials – a cute clutch or hipster bag and trustworthy camera – before stepping into man-land you need self-fulfilling prophecy on your side. If you believe that you can make European male magic, then you will be able to cast your spell on almost any man. However if you believe that you are guy-jinxed, book your flight back home because you will be left alone. Self-fulfilling prophecy is way more important than natural beauty.


4. Dressing it up is probably the most important tip for inciting initial male intrigue. This doesn’t mean looking red-carpet ready at all times. And “dressing up” has completely different meanings depending on the activities you engage in. Any girl on any budget can dress it up for travel. Do some pre-trip shopping at outlet stores during their red-tag sales (75% off last-marked price) for your travel attire. If you buy your basic wardrobe all at once, you can coordinate colors so that you take an absolute minimum of shoes, bags, and accessories – which conveniently leaves more room in your suitcase for souvenirs!


5.To get the guy, dance with the girl! When you go to a club and want to get the attention of a particular guy, dance with your girlfriend. Have her twirl you within a foot of that special man. Your Casanova will take a step away from the sidelines and join you on the dance floor. European men are attracted to confident women who show that they can have fun together even when the boys are being boring.


“One important thing to keep in mind is if you love alcohol, consider giving your liver a rest while overseas,” says Katherine. “In many regions, Europeans are known for not drinking nearly as much as those from certain other countries – except at festivals, where all bets are off. So if you stumble about wasted, you will most likely be looked down on by the European men.”

Brian is the CMO at Planned Television Arts, an independent division of Ruder Finn. Planned Television Arts is a book publicity firm located in New York City.

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