Dating With A Smile


Dating is hard enough without having to worrying about your beastly smile. It funny when you first meet someone thing go so much easier when your laughing and telling jokes. Except one thing you got those yellow teeth. I bet your partner has a pair shade tell to put them on then you be able to laugh and have a great time. Now if you don’t want to do all that here a couple of good tips for you.

Do you have to realize that 60% the first thing people notice is your teeth? With that being said you better have a great smile. I help you a little bush your teeth. That petty much a given. Here something you might not know. You can consume a lot of strawberries which are believed as special fruits in helping you to get shiny teeth. You can start to mix and stir these fruits and apply it in your teeth, and then you need to leave it for a moment. You will need to perform it regularly to get the best result and you are also suggested to brush it properly after using a strawberry. Know I bet you never thought strawberry can be use for more then just late night fun ha ha.

There so many thing that will help you to achieve that beautiful smile you always wanted. Here another for example, you can use the straw while you are drinking coffee instead of directly drink it from the glass. It is highly possible for your teeth to be very stained within the outer aspect of your mouth due to the fact of the food and drink you intake. All dark foods like Coffee, tea, blackcurrant and red wine have effect about the discoloration of our the teeth.

It funny thing about life is the thing that are good for you can also make you feel better and look better. Remember before you go one that fist date grab some shade or try so of these methods for a while it just might work. This method here will be sure to help you take a look at it.



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