Dating to Get Your Ex Back? The Fastest Way Back Into His Arms


Even if your boyfriend dumped you, he’s still got an eye on what you’re doing. He’s watching you to see how you’re handling the break up, how hard you’re taking it, and most of all, how much you’re moving on with your life. No guy wants to see his ex dating someone else, especially if he himself hasn’t moved on yet. Which is why getting back on the market is one good way of getting your ex to notice you again – and quickly too.

One of the most important lessons to learn about men is that they always want what they can’t have. Every guy who’s ever broken things off with a girl always likes to know the door to the relationship is still open. If he decides that he wants to date you again, your ex loves to know that you’re still available. And when you’re suddenly not? It’s a very sobering wake up call for him. He has to move quickly if he wants to renew his relationship with you, or he risks losing you forever into the arms of another guy.

Now I’m not advocating you should go out and date new guys just to make your ex boyfriend jealous. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with checking out what’s out there. The benefits of dating someone new are many, and each of them can actually help with renewing the attraction of your ex boyfriend. As he sees you moving on with your love-life, he’ll wonder what he’s missing. Especially if things aren’t quite working out for him, he might wonder if he’s letting a good catch go.

Dating gives you confidence. It’s nice to be told you’re attractive, fun, and cool to be around. Moreover, it’s nice to feel wanted by someone again. If it’s been a while since you had that type of attention from your ex, this type of scenario can build lots of self-confidence. And you know what? That type of confidence is very attractive to men – especially your ex. Much, much more attractive than if you were staying home, mourning the loss of your relationship.

Seeing another guy will also make your ex very jealous. Doing it solely for this purpose is a bit manipulative, but if you’re doing it to get back on the dating scene and to get out of the house – no harm, no foul. As the song goes, you don’t know what you got till’ it’s gone. Most guys are especially strange when it comes to seeing ex girlfriends cuddling up to men other than themselves. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence… and guys take special notice when someone else is rolling around in grass that used to belong to them.

If dating to get your ex back works, why not? At best, your ex boyfriend will come crawling back to you, asking you to break off your new relationship. At worst, you’re getting back in the practice of being single again. And hey, who knows? You just might meet someone you really do connect with. Creating a new relationship from scratch will make you forget all about your ex boyfriend, which might not necessarily be a bad thing.

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