You use or continue to use our services, which means agree we in accordance with the “privacy policy” collection, use, store and share your information.
This “privacy policy” or related matters such as you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

We may collect information
We provide services, may collect, store and use the following information with you.If you do not provide the relevant information, may not be registered as our users or unable to enjoy some services we offer, or can’t reach the effect of related services to achieve.

The information you provide
When you sign up for an account or use our service, provide us with the relevant personal information, such as phone number, E-mail or a bank card number, etc.;You through our services to the other party to provide the sharing of information, and when you use our service to store information.

The other party to share your information
When the other party to use our services provided to share information about you.
We get your information when you use the service we may collect the following information:
Log information, refer to when you use our services, system may automatically collected by cookies, web beacons, or by other means of technical information, including: equipment or software information, such as your mobile device and a web browser or other program used to access our services provided by the configuration information, your IP address and mobile version and the equipment used in the identification code;

How can we use information
We may will provide service to you in the process of the collected information for the following purposes:
Provide you with services;
When we provide service for authentication, customer service, security monitoring, fraud, archive and backup purposes, to ensure that we provide you with the safety of the products and services;
Help us to design new services, to improve our existing services;Make us know more about you how to access and use our services, and in response to your individual needs, such as language Settings, set position, personalized services and instructions, or other aspects of the response to you and other users.
Provide you with more relevant ads with you instead of general advertising;Evaluation of our service the effect of advertising and other marketing and promotional activities, and improved;Software certification or management software upgrade;Allows you to participate in the survey about our products and services.
In order to let you have a better experience, improve our service or other purposes, you agree on the premise of comply with relevant laws and regulations, we will be on a certain services may collect information, to collect information or personalized way, for our other services.For example, when you use our service the collected information, may be in another service to provide you with specific content, or show you information relevant to you, the general push.If we are in the related services provides options, you can also authorized we will provide the service and storage of information for our other services.